Electronic Artists Society

The Electronic Artists Society is a collective of people who are dedicated to promoting, producing and performing electronic arts.

The Electronic Artists Society started out in 1999 and since has grown to be one of UQ’s most active societies. Our focus is on electronic music, with the majority of our members being DJ’s, music producers, electronic musicians or just people who love electronic music. Our main goal is to get DJ’s and artists out of the bedroom and into the scene, either in front of a crowd at one of our gigs or on CD.

Aside from music we also support all kinds of electronic art including, animation, VJing, graphic design, digital publishing, film making, programming, 3D art and a whole lot of other creative pursuits. We promote the skills of our members through workshops, forums, CD publications and parties.

For many, the EAS is a way to release previously undiscovered talent outside of the bedroom but most of all, its a way to hook up with other people who are immersed in digital art of one kind or another. For more information come along to one of our events or you can join the email group by sending a blank email to uqeas-subscribe@yahoogroups.com